Ürün Özellikleri:

(1) Yüksek düşük frekanslı tork, motor parametrelerinin kendi kendine tanımlanması, optimum hızlanma ve yavaşlama kontrolü, dalga dalga akım sınırlama ve diğer gelişmiş kontrol performansı;

       (2) Güçlü I/O genişletme fonksiyonuna sahiptir, çeşitli iletişim genişletme KARTLARINI destekler ve müşteriler için süreç kontrol KARTLARINI ve diğer genişletme yeteneklerini özelleştirebilir.

Main specifications
Product Model Input voltage /V Rated capacity


Rated ouput current
Adaptation motor
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0007G Three phases 380V 0.8 2.5 0.75
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0015G 1.6 4.1 1.5
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0022G 2.4 5.5 2.2
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0040G 4.1 9.6 3.7
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0055G 8.5 13 5.5
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0075G 11 17 7.5
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0110G 17 25 11
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0150G 21 32 15
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0185G 24 37 18.5
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0220G 30 45 22
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0300G 40 60 30
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0370G 50 75 37
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0450G 60 90 45
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0550G 72 110 55
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0750G 100 157 75
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T0900G 116 180 90
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T1100G 138 214 110
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T1320G 167 256 132
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T1600G 200 307 160
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T1850G 230 340 185
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T2000G 250 385 200
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T2200G 280 430 220
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T2500G 317 465 250
1BX_HUNTERI4_4T2800G 355 525 280
1BX_HUNTERI4_2S0007G single phase 220V 0.8 5.0 0.75
1BX_HUNTERI4_2S0015G 1.6 7.8 1.5


Product’s Technical Parameters
  • Rated Voltage
single phase 220V-240VAC or three phases 380V-440VAC
Frequency 50Hz/60Hz
  • Rated Voltage
0-input voltage
Frequency 0Hz-550Hz
Overload capacity 110% rated stable operation, 150% rated load 1min, 180% rated load 3s
Main control performance Modulation Mode Open loop vector control, V/F control
Speed adjustable range 1:100
Starting torque Rated torque: 150% at 0.5hz
Steady state accuracy of running speed ≤±0.5% rpm
Frequency accuracy Digital setting: maximum frequency * + + 0.01%; Simulation setting: maximum frequency * + + 0.5%
Frequency resolution Digital setting: 1Hz; Simulation setting: maximum frequency x 0.1%
V/F curve 4 ways: 1 user sets 3 kinds of torque reduction characteristic curves (power 2, power 1.7, power 1.2)
Acceleration and deceleration curves Three ways: linear acceleration and deceleration, s-curve acceleration and deceleration, automatic acceleration and deceleration
Inching Frequency range: 0.1hz-50hz; The addition and subtraction time of 0.1-60s can be set
Multi-speed operation Realize multi-speed operation through built-in PLC or control terminal)
Built-in PI The closed loop control system can be conveniently constructed
Movement function Run command channel 操作面板给定、控制端子给定、串行口给定
Frequency given channel 数字给定、模拟电压给定、模拟电流给定、脉冲给定、串行口给定
Pulse output terminal Pulse square wave signal output, can achieve the output of setting frequency, output frequency and other physical quantities
Analog output terminal 2-channel analog signal output, 0-20ma or 0-10v is optional, respectively
Operation panel LED dispaly Can display setting frequency, output frequency, output voltage, output current, etc
Key lock and function selection Implement partial or complete locking of keys to define the scope of action of some cases to prevent misoperation
Customization function Motor parameters self-tuning Can accurately identify motor parameters, static self-learning, dynamic self-learning
Textile pendulum frequency Textile swing frequency control, can achieve the center frequency adjustable swing frequency function
Fix-length control The frequency converter stops after reaching the set length
  • Droop control
Suitable for multiple inverters to drive the same load occasions
Stop-start control Instantaneous power loss, through the bus voltage control, to achieve uninterrupted operation
Expansion capability Card 1: support communication protocol card, Profinet, EtherCAT(optional)

Card 2: function card, I/O extension card, PG card (optional)

  • Protection function
Input phase protection, output phase protection, over current protection, over voltage protection, under voltage protection, overheating protection, overload protection
  • Application environment
  • Operation place
Indoor, not direct sunlight, no dust, corrosive gas, flammable gas, oil mist, water vapor, drops or salt, etc
Environment temperature -10℃~+40℃(When ambient temperature ismore than 40 ℃ , need to external forced cooling or derating use)
Altitude <1000m,>1000m,derating use
  • Protection grade
  • Cooling mode
Air cooling (the cooling fan can be started with normal open or temperature control)
  • Installation
Wall type, cabinet type, transparent wall type installation